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Atlas Reactor: Online Co-op Review

Game Overview Atlas Reactor is, at its core, a 4 vs 4 battle arena using turn-based mechanics.  The designers have made this formula even better by adding a time limit to each decision phase, distributing actions into three resolution phases, and polishing the character designs so that each one has a different and amazing feel to them. What emerges from that formula is a distinctly tense and action-filled battle between two sides. The Game Feel Imagine taking the tactics of XCom, the character design quality of Overwatch and mashing them together with the free-to-play deathmatches League of Legends and DOTA.  Now stop imagining, that game is here and is called Atlas Reactor.  The voice acting is fantastic and invigorating.  The levels are big enough to allow movement freedom, but small enough to encourage interaction between the eight players.  And the actions and movement feel natural and predictable enough to allow for a solid strategy to form.  Atlas Reactor fulfills the old saying about good strategy games: “Easy to learn, hard to master.” The Five Phases Each Atlas Reactor match starts with a 20 second Decision phase and a 4.5 second decision buffer.  You can only use the extra decision time twice per match. Next comes the Prep resolution phase, where a lot of buffs and heals happen simultaneously on the field.  After Prep comes the Dash resolution phase, where characters jump across the map to escape an attack,...

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Joining a Marvel Legendary League

Looking for an excuse to play more Legendary, Co-op Attack signed up for an online league. They found the league on a BoardGameGeeks forum dedicated to Marvel Legendary, and registered for the October league. Each league season has three matches, with the second match only allowing one player-chosen hero.   After reviewing the rules for Advanced Solo Play, the first glorious romp through the geeky league universe began! Reign of Apocalypse The Match 1 scenario was to fight Apocalypse before he turned all the citizens into demons. He was backed by Underworld villains and some Maggia Goons. In solo mode,...

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Hell’s Kitchen Invaded by The Hand

Scenario Layout: Mastermind: Kingpin Scheme:  Transform Citizens into Demons Villains:  Goblin Queen (Jean Grey), Streets of New York, Hand Ninjas, Sinister Six, Underworld Heroes:  Luke Cage Divided (Jessica Jones), Daredevil, Daredevil Divided (Iron Fist), Elektra, The Punisher Scenario Rating Ratings go from 0-7.  0 = Not at all.  7 = The most, ever. Narrative (5/7) Entertaining (3/7) Overall Quality (4/7)   I had bad luck with the villain draw.  At one point, 5 out of 6 of the villain draws were all Goblin Queens with two scheme twists, so there was no way to stop them. Expansions Required: Marvel Legendary...

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Mashing City Building with Deck Building, WHAT?

Imagine a game where city building and deck building are mashed together. Feel the influence of games like Dominion as they try to combine with classic city builders like Sim City.  The resulting impact could be called Concrete Jungle.  The overall feel of Concrete Jungle is kind of like Go or Solitaire, depending on the mode you’re playing in. The game is fun to watch, but simple enough for kids.  It also features a brilliant AI which really requires the player to play well. Feel of the Game The overall aesthetic is light-hearted and fun. Music is reminiscent of classic city builders, but not...

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Playing Dungeon Defenders II for the First Time

Evolved Tower Defense Start off with the truth, first impressions were pretty jarring coming from playing the original Dungeon Defenders. But there was a lot of hope for a beautiful future with revamped levels, deep capabilities for character design, astonishing costumes, and an active player community. Design Grief in Five Stages Denial, Anger Some of the UI design choices, and the overall feel of the game is dramatically different from the original Dungeon Defenders. It isn’t fair to compare the two, it is like comparing your son to your daughter. Nevertheless, I can’t help but struggle with some of...

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