Ink by Robert Atkins, Coloring by spidermanfan2099

Ink by Robert Atkins, Coloring by spidermanfan2099

Looking for an excuse to play more Legendary, Co-op Attack signed up for an online league. They found the league on a BoardGameGeeks forum dedicated to Marvel Legendary, and registered for the October league. Each league season has three matches, with the second match only allowing one player-chosen hero.   After reviewing the rules for Advanced Solo Play, the first glorious romp through the geeky league universe began!

Reign of Apocalypse

The Match 1 scenario was to fight Apocalypse before he turned all the citizens into demons. He was backed by Underworld villains and some Maggia Goons. In solo mode, there is only one villain, and only 3 henchmen, and the rest are scheme twists and master strikes, or whatever else the scheme throws in there.  Wolverine X-Force was part of the team by default, and I added Emma Frost and Nightcrawler to the team as well.  Jean Grey’s cards were added to the villain deck to act as the Goblin Queen in the scheme.

Opening Strategy

My opening strategy was to try to create chains of card draws and type-bonuses between the cards. Emma Frost features the type I needed, along with a number of card-drawing abilities due to her psychic powers.  Nightcrawler’s teleport ability is a personal favorite, and he had several yellow-type cards which would help increase the chance of unlocking Wolverine’s ability bonuses.

Full of Goblin Queens during Apocalypse's reign!

Full of Goblin Queens during Apocalypse’s reign!

All Shall Fall

The game started off slowly, as usual.  Several Underworld characters entered the city and started wreaking havoc. I used SHIELD troopers and SHIELD agents to begin recruiting more powerful heroes. The Underworld characters were acting as Apocalypse’s horsemen, so they were all +2 strength.

As the cards cycled through the deck, I was drawing more and more cards after creating chains with Emma Frost’s psychic links.  Wolverine got stronger with each card drawn, so his damage count would double each turn that an extra card was drawn.  Eventually I was recklessly slashing Apocalypse to bits.

Until I came to the 3rd tactic, and that made me reshuffle the tactic back in as it had to be the last tactic destroyed. It was called “Immortal and Undefeated” and represents Apocalypse’s ability to appear immortal due to his healing factor and vast number of other powers that he had collected over the years.


Then, in the next to last turn, Apocalypse knocks out my best two cards with “The End of All Things” tactic, but I still manage to scrape up enough card-drawing chains on the next turn to put the final nail in his sarcophagus.  I finished in 19 turns, and captured 81 points.

League Standing

I’m currently in rank 7 out of 8 in a league of 21 registered players.

Check out the league at and register today. Make sure to subscribe to Marvel Legendary BGG forums and literally thank the maker (of the league) in the October League thread: BGG League Announcement Thread.


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