Magneto by UncannyKnack

Magneto by UncannyKnack

Scenario Description

Magneto watches the news thoughtfully from his bunker in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Originally, global warming had been viewed cynically, but its acceptance among the homo sapiens had been increasing in the last year. In fact, there were some communities who were actually responding to the crisis. Magneto watched as another meteorologist predicted an extremely active hurricane season, and on another screen a climatologist warned of the dangers of runoff and warming causing the halt of the thermohaline ocean circulation in the North Atlantic. On a third screen, a zoologist warned of the ongoing extinction of numerous species around the world.

Extinction, hm… Magneto muted the screens and stared pensively into space. What if I sped up this… this “Global Warming”?

He opened up Slack on the console in front of him and created a new team called Mutants Rising. He sent an invite to all his old compatriots and then chartered a private jet to Antartica.  Time to visit the Savage Lands.  We’ll need some help in the Southern Hemisphere, he thought.

Thus began the Mutants Rising project to speed up the melting of the world’s glaciers, wipe out the rest of humanity in a massive flood, and establish homo sapiens superior as Lords over the Earth.

In another place…

Kraven the Hunter, hunting polar bears in the Arctic with his bare hands, came across one of the Icemelter stations.  Infuriated that someone would be attempting to kill off vast populations of wild animals dishonorably (he would hunt them later himself, one at a time), Kraven the Hunter went off in search of the persons responsible.

Magneto Intends to Flood Coastal Cities

Magneto Melts Glaciers to Flood Coastal Cities

Scenario Rating

Ratings go from 0-7.  0 = Not at all.  7 = The most, ever.

Narrative (4/7)
Entertaining (6/7)
Overall Quality (5/7)







Scenario Layout

In this scenario, there are suggested custom locations to enable a better narrative. These spaces represent either villains defending or villains attacking.  As the villains get farther to the right (in standard Bridge location), they become more aggressive in their attacks of the heroes instead of defending the large heaters in the poles melting the icecaps.  This better represents why a hero gets lost from the HQ when villains escape.  They successfully attacked and confused one of the heroes.

  • Mastermind: Magneto
  • Scheme: Flood the Planet with Melted Glaciers
  • Layout: Hero placemat and SHIELD Support decks.
  • Custom Locations: (Sewer to Bridge) Arctic Bunker, Icemelter Factory, Icemelter Arctic Station, X-Jet Landing, Xavier’s School
  • Suggested Villains: Savage Land Mutants, Brotherhood, Marauders
  • Suggested Heroes: Jean Grey, Gambit (or Cyclops), Wolverine, Storm, Kraven the Hunter

Expansions Required:

Scenario Playthrough

The Savage Land Mutants have agreed to help Magneto.  Several of them come up from Antartica, expecting to expand Earth’s tropical regions by melting a lot of Arctic Ice.  Magneto also promised he would give them a large share of Earth’s land after it is rebuilt.  Magneto has just begun assembly and distribution of the Icemelters at the Factory, and villains are found defending the deployment sites. This is where our story begins.

Savage Land Mutants Are Detected Near the North Pole

  • Kraven’s Team. Savage Land Mutant (SLM 1) is seen near the bunker. Shield Agents recruit a SHIELD Officer (SO).
  • Blue team. SLM(2) drawn. SLM(1) enters the Icemelter Factory.  3 STs knock them out. Blue Team recruits SO.
  • Kraven’s Team. SLM(3) drawn, SLM(2) enters the Icemelter Factory.  4 SAs recruit Card Shark Gambit.
  • Blue team. Chimera drawn. SLM(2) makes it to Arctic Icemelter Station. 5 SAs recruit Stack the Deck Gambit and SO.
X-Jet Lands Near Arctic Pole

X-Jet Lands Near Arctic Pole

Gambit and SHIELD Land Near the North Pole in the X-Jet As Global Ocean Levels Begin Rising

  • Kraven’s Team. Blob drawn. SLM(2) makes it to X-Jet Landing. Gambit and ST are waiting for them and knock them out. 4 SAs recruit Lightning Bolt Storm.
  • Blue team. Scheme twist, waters rising. SO and 3 SAs recruit Jean Grey Psychic Search and Stack the Deck Gambit.

Factory Workers Trapped by Blob and Blockbuster, Kraven Injured by Savage Land Mutants in Upstate New York

  • Kraven’s Team. Blockbuster is seen with bystanders near Magneto’s Bunker.  Transports some of the bystanders helping with the factory maintenance to Blob.  
  • X-Men. SLM(4) enters Magneto’s Bunker. SLM(3) is at Xavier’s School. Gambit prepares for Jean Grey to attack by stacking the deck twice.  Jean Grey and 3 STs use a psychic search to find Blob on the Arctic Icemelter Station and rescue the bystander. 2 SAs recruit Wolverine Keen Senses.
  • Kraven’s Team. Vertigo enters Magneto’s Bunker. SLM(3) is still at Xavier’s School. The heroes suddenly feel dizzy and discard their hands as Vertigo focuses her powers. 4 SAs recruit Lightning Bolt Storm.
  • X-Men. Blob enters Magneto’s Bunker, SLM(3) escapes, KO Kraven Ceaseless Tracker (19 more to loss), Chimera now at Xavier’s School. Jean Grey and 2 STs attack Blob and rescue the bystanders from the Bunker with Gambit’s help.  Storm continues to gather a storm above the Arctic Station where the Icemelter is.

Storm Storms over the Arctic Station, as Magneto Fails to Slow the X-Men

  • Kraven’s Team. Scheme Twist, waters rising (2). Storm calls down a lightning bolt on the SLM(4) on the Arctic Icemelter Station and a ST finishes them off.  Also attacks Chimera at Xavier’s School with lightning bolts as well.  Recruits Gambit Hypnotic Charm.
  • X-Men. Scheme Twist, waters rising (3). 2 Wolverine and 1 Gambit are KO by rising waters (16 more to loss). Recruits storm’s Gathering Clouds.
  • Kraven’s Team. Vertigo appears in the Magneto’s Bunker, players feel dizzy again. Gambit and Storm and 2 STs attack Blockbuster at the X-Jet Landing Site, rescuing one bystander. 3 SAs recruit Storm’s Gathering Clouds.
  • X-Men. Magneto counter attacks at the Landing Site, but the attack is rebuffed by both teams. Storm and  Jean Grey team up to create a big storm.  Then they attack Vertigo at the Factory with an ST, and rescue several more of the trapped factory workers there.

Heroes Injured as Waters Continue Rising, Wolverine and Gambit Assault the Factory

  • Kraven’s Team. Rising waters (4). 2 Storm and 1 Gambit are KO’d in the flood (13 more to loss). Jean Grey uses Mind Over Matter and attacks Vertigo in the Magneto’s Bunker with an ST, clearing the Arctic of detected villains, though the threat of floods continues. Corner the Prey Kraven is recruited by SAs.
  • X-Men. Master Strike attempted again, but the Xmen are still present to foil his attacks. SO and Wolverine are recruited.
  • Kraven’s Team. Blockbuster enters the Magneto’s Bunker. Gambit uses hypnotic charm to recruit Kraven’s Hunt Down, along with SO and to SAs.
  • X-Men. SLM(5) enters Magneto’s Bunker, and blockbusters pushes to Icemelter Factory. Wolverine tracks down Blockbuster and the SLM(5) with Keen Senses, and Gambit lays a trap full of kinetic cards with help from 4 STs.
  • Kraven’s Team. Master Strike, still foiled by xmen. Storm learns to perform Spinning Cyclone while practicing with gathering stormclouds.
  • X-Men. Rising Waters (5). Helicarrier wiped out (8 more till loss). Recruits several heroes.

X-Men Corner Magneto and Strike Him Three Times, Rescuing More Workers

  • Kraven’s Team. Sabertooth enters the Magneto’s Bunker. Gambit, Kraven and Storm strike Magneto. Kraven corners him with 3 STs, Gambit throws cards, and storm brings a bolt of lightning. A bystander is rescued as Magneto releases a crushing Shockwave that is rebuffed again by the xmen.
  • X-Men. rising waters (6). (4 more till loss). Recruited Gambit.
  • Kraven’s Team. SLM(6) enters Magneto’s Bunker, sabertooth pushes into the Icemelter Factory.  A cyclone rips through the Factory and pulls Sabertooth to the Icemelter Station. Then Storm destroys SLM(6) in the Magneto’s Bunker, singlehandedly.
  • X-Men. Juggernaut enters Magneto’s Bunker, knocks out two SAs from Kraven’s Team. Gambit and Jean Grey find Sabertooth on the Arctic Icemelter Station using Psychic Search and knock him out, rescuing another bystander. Kraven is recruited to help corner more prey.
  • Kraven’s Team. Scalphunter enters Magneto’s Bunker and kidnaps two bystanders. Jean Grey and Kraven hunt Juggernaut out to Xavier’s School, which left Scalphunter exposed to their attack at the Bunker. Jean Grey used Mind over Matter and two STs to attack Scalphunter and rescued the bystanders, which allowed her to gain more strength. Gambit and Storm heard her call, and struck at Magneto. Magneto was hurt by this attack, and his helmet fell off, rendering him vulnerable to further emotional attacks.  Gambit and Storm were able to free 5 more bystanders from Magneto’s grasp. Jean Grey is further empowered by their release.  She calls Kraven, Wolverine and another ST to come help, and Wolverine brings Storm with him on his bike. They strike Magneto again, injuring him further. During this encounter, Jean Grey discovers Telekinetic Mastery.

Jean Grey Is Embodied By The Phoenix Force as She Crushes Magneto

  • X-Men. Scalphunter wakes up in the Magneto’s Bunker and captures two more bystanders.
  • Kraven’s Team. Scalphunter moves into the Icemelter Factory with his hostages as Mystique enters the Magneto’s Bunker. Kraven hunts down Scalphunter to the Arctic Icemelter Station, where Storm is waiting. Jean Grey uses her Telekinetic Mastery to rescue three more bystanders. Storm scares Scalphunter with several lightning bolts on the Arctic Icemelter Station, barely needing a zap to finish him off. Currently doing 26 damage.  Wolverine, Gambit, and a whole army of STs show up to help.  Jean Grey is doing 14 damage on her own. They attack Magneto, he releases an electromagnetic bubble that continues protecting Jean Grey above the battle.  She appears to be tapping into the power of the Phoenix at this point. Using the rest of their team strength, they wipe Juggernaut and Mystique out of the city too.


  • Kraven’s team earns 28 after the electromagnetic bubble carries Jean Grey higher into the atmosphere.  Phoenix Force takes over, freeing all the bystanders, but causing massively out of control cyclones as she takes control of Storm’s mind. She attempts to reassert control, but fails to, despite attempts by several SAs, and Gambit.  Kraven watches carefully, cornering Magneto and turning off the heaters that were melting the glaciers and causing floods still threatening the natural habitats of the world.  Maria Hill and several other SAs keep watch over Magneto and Kraven as well.
  • X-Men earns 9 points, not able to do much more than gather some stormclouds as the other team disassembles Magneto’s Icemelter engines.


  • Kraven’s team destroys Magneto and scores 62 points, a resounding victory, saving 15 bystanders, and completing all 5 strikes against Magneto.  The world was 3 heroes away from flooding entirely, but through the Phoenix Force that emerged, they managed to be victorious.
  • X-Men scores 17 points.  Would have lost on the next villain card.