Doctor Strange goes Dark?

Doctor Strange goes Dark?

Corran lowers himself down a ladder down a manhole cover.  There was a report of strange sounds coming from down here.  He only has the rumors and a SHIELD mission to confirm that they aren’t true.

He jumps down onto the cement at the bottom of the ladder. He looks both directions, finding nothing unusual in the light from his headlamp. The mission briefing reported mostly just rumors about the old abandoned subway station below Worth Street.  If it was true, it would be concerning, but these rumors rarely were. He confirms the location on his map and heads right, looking for the access tunnel that would lead him to the subway lines.

Suddenly, WHUMP and then WOOSH as the air is pushed and pulled through the tunnels. Corran stumbles and then pulls out the pistol in his jacket holster.  His hair begins standing on end as he nears the access tunnel. He can hear a distant repetitive sound, like someone talking. He listens carefully, and whispers into his mic, “This is Lieutenant Thorn. Be advised, I’ve got a potentially dangerous situation in the Worth Station tunnel. Please place response units on alert.”

“Acknowledged, awaiting further confirmation.”

Corran continues into the tunnel towards the subway lines, pistol held at the ready. Suddenly, more sounds drift from the surrounding side tunnels, and Corran listens carefully. The sound is kinda like boots on gravel, but not just one boot. He turns off his head lamp, and waits for his eyes to adjust, as the sounds around him keep increasing. As his eyes adjust, he notices an odd light ahead, and he creeps forward to try to get visual confirmation.

He approaches the opening at the end of the tunnel, and peers around the corner into the old Worth Street station. A man in a red clock hoveres 2 feet above the ground chanting as several metal monsters — Wait, are those Doombots? — swarm out of a large portal and file into formation past him. Corran, way out of his league, whispers into his mic, “Lieutenant Thorn here. Doombot Legion parading out of a…. portal of some kind in Worth Street station. At least 16 hostiles and more appearing. Over.”

“Acknowledged, three units on their way to your location.”

WHUMP–WHAH, Dr Strange turns suddenly towards Corran and the portal half-collapses on one of the Doombots. But a comforting feeling comes over Corran, and he stays absolutely still.  I’m masking your presence from most of them, but you must stay still. Others are on their way, a voice spoke into his mind.  Corran stays frozen in place, unable to pull his eyes away from Doctor Strange, as he backs away into the portal and it collapses behind him.  Who’s in my head? wonders Corran as the Doombots all turn toward the portal, and stare at where it had been.

Then the SHIELD troopers arrive, pouring out of the surrounding tunnel with guns blazing.  The doombots begin firing back but were outnumbered quickly. The second wave of SHIELD troopers, wielding just sledgehammers, begin dismantling the doombots where they lay strewn across the station floor. Some still mutter in broken words, “Er…errr…..Error…..”  Corran walks among the circuit boards and shredded armor of the Doombots, unloading single shots of ammo into the chests of the doombots.

What had happened here?  Was that really Doctor Strange?


Did Doctor Strange just go Dark?