We’re just a few months from the end of 2016, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t yearn for some great 2016 co-op games. Here’s a list of what I am looking forward to playing:


Overcooked is a couch co-op (1-4 players) where you have to cook and serve food. It sounds simple enough, but the chaotic nature of your environment and your cooking areas makes it into a fun challenge.

I feel like once I can master this game, I should be able to do this irl:

but I know it would be more like this…


Check the game out below.


Lost Castle

An action RPG with roguelike elements, randomized levels and 2-player co-op, Lost Castle looks like a good way to spend a weekend (or Halloween even!) either by yourself or with a friend. Cute dungeon-crawling action? Check. Cute yet creepy enemies? Check. The difficulty to keep you challenged? Double check.

Lost Castle screenshot


Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

Even if you’re not a fan of the Attack on Titan manga/anime/live-action movie, you’ve got to see the appeal in fighting huge titans that would love to have you for a snack. Co-op is online only.


What games do you have on your co-op wishlist? Are there any co-op games this year that you enjoy?