Coop Attack’s CorranThorn just began playing Dungeon Defenders in Ranked mode online.

My favorite character in the game is the Monk. You’ve got ranged ability, you’ve got an interesting Aura effect which allows both Attack and Healing, but you’ve also got one big flaw as the monk: Electrical Resistance.

Playing as the monk, if you place your defenses with any intelligence, the only thing that will touch the Crystal is the electrical resistant monsters.

It is just on the edge of frustrating, and prevents the Monk from being able to play Pure Strategy mode.  Yet, that is why Coop Attack is here.  Together, we are stronger. Come join us.

Jump on Dungeon Defenders and look for me.  I will be hosting a game.  See you there!

You can catch the live action on Coop Attack’s Twitch channel here:  Co-op Attack on Twitch

You can also watch previous streams of Coop Attack gameplay on their Youtube channel: Coop Attack on Youtube

Dungeon Defenders Received a Community Update

The game was published in December of 2010, so is now 6 years old.  Despite this, it continues to be developed by the TrendyNet forum community, and the latest update was huge. They’ve added Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, the ability to move while deploying a defense and other amazing changes!

Called “The Rising Phoenix Update” it also adds a whole new map!  See more of the listed changes on the Steam Community page: