Overview of “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime”

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a brightly colored and uniquely stylized classic space shooter. The game is usually compared to Asteroids in its feel, so imagine Asteroids if there were four spacepeople in one ship all controlling a different part of the ship. From an uncontrollable spray, to guns, to navigation, to shields, everything is controlled by a different person. This results in a lot of good fun party chaos.  Suggested ages appeared to be 7 and up, due to rather intense action.

Design Feel

The game has well-designed levels with a cute aesthetic feel.  There are many different ships to choose from, each adding a different level of chaos.   Add to this concoction upgradeable components on every ship.

The levels have this unique quality where they feel huge but somehow attainable. The far side of the map feels far, though it may only take 2-3 minutes to get there. Simultaneously, there were several times where we flew right past the asteroid we wanted to investigate while blasting multiple enemies into smithereens. The spread and spawn of enemies varies, and never fully relents the player from the pressure of knowing there’s another bad guy around the corner.  It’s a fun pressure, and keeps the game interesting.

The ships and avatars are really quite cute while also having this hell-set-loose vibe.  Attach two metal gems to a weapon portal and comprehension will follow. The avatars slide down the ladder, and then climb up them.  They’re easy to control, and we did not encounter any frustrating bugs with moving around the ship.  The ship variations are creative and inspired.  We played a spinning ship, a security-zone ship (forces different players to drive), and those are only the first two that we have unlocked so far.

Everything on the ship is upgradeable.  Want your weapon to be the best? Grab the first gem and stuff it into your favorite gun port.  Lasers, missiles, maces, and more can be had if you lock in a crystal.  It adds an enormous amount of variety to the game.  The different levels will have different gem proportions as well.  Some levels don’t have many metal gems, while others will have you using 2-3 maces on the weapon ports.

Suggested Ages

Coop Attack suggests ages 7 and up.  We played with a five and six year old together, and the younger one was very frightened by the intensity of the gameplay (scared of any intense scenes, including Lion King and Zootopia).  He was able to play just fine, but was occasionally too scared to shoot his weapon, asking us to just be satisfied with minimum amount of space-friends to finish the level.

Complete First Playthrough on Normal Difficulty