Corran and I recently acquired Lost Castle, one of the games on my 2016 co-op games wishlist. We started playing last week, and are in love with its rogue-like gameplay and randomized dungeons and bosses. Every playthrough is different, but not too different that you’re going WTF?

Except when you encounter a new boss. Then you go WTF.

Aside from that, the game’s online or local co-op mode allows 2 players to explore dungeons crawling with goblins, skeletons, bats, and more oogly-booglies. The nice thing about co-op is if one player dies, the survivor can revive the dead one. The dead one is resurrected on the spot with half HP.

If both players die, then you’re sent to a screen where you sacrifice the souls of your fallen enemies to unlock and boost your skills and stats. After sacrificing, you then get dropped onto a castle balcony for another go at the dungeons.

With a little over 6 hours of gameplay, Corran and I have mastered the first area (Tower of Goblins) and all of its bosses, and are now working on the second area (Bramble Courtyard).


  • Fun, fast, and FURIOUS
  • When you die, you get a different character
  • The feeling you get when you get a bad-ass weapon
  • Doesn’t feel like level-grinding
  • Dinosaur pets and dinosaur suits
  • Only $10 for a good game


  • When you start a new run and you have bad weapons
  • Farting and Poisoning Potions
  • Getting farted on by Corran (in-game and irl)
  • Low level of food in the Bramble Courtyard. (Those bombing trees should drop apples when you kill them.)
  • Only 2 player co-op; it could be really fun with 4.



While you would think a dungeon-crawling game doesn’t require much strategy, there is quite some strategy that needs to be worked out whenever you meet a new enemy or boss. You can’t just go in there and start slashing away—you need to be able to dodge and use your skills effectively to reduce your own damage so that you…y’know…can survive. So as this game is fun and lighthearted, it’s not mindless.

It’s a very nice way to spend time with a buddy or significant other in cooperative play.

Watch our Lost Castle Gameplay Videos Below