This week, Corran and Mooky play through Guacamelee! Gold Edition from DrinkBox Studios. It’s an action platformer that features local co-op mode, custom skins, and multi-faceted maps that you need special luchador moves to access. The more you play, the more abilities you unlock…and the more fun the game becomes! Seriously, running around as a chicken has never been more laugh-inducing.

While the name Guacamelee! sort of makes me imagine this:

…there are no avocados or chips to be found in the game (so far!). We start in a beautiful Mexican pueblo as Juan, a wannabe luchador. Juan ends up in the land of the dead, where a luchadora named Tostada grants Juan a magical luchador mask. Cue this animation where Juan loses his shirt:

Then Juan and Tostada proceed to kick butt! Watch Episode 1 of our Let’s Play here: